Microsoft Hosted Share Point

Empowering Teamwork

Microsoft SharePoint is an advanced web application platform, which allows you to share documents and other content between your users securely and allows them to work together better. Microsoft SharePoint is highly configurable, and usage varies substantially between businesses. With Microsoft SharePoint your business has a complete solution for developing web services, sharing documents and other content across your business which your users can access securely from anywhere on the device of their choice. Microsoft SharePoint helps your business become more flexible and mobile, allowing your team to get more done, faster! 

Microsoft SharePoint is easy to use and integrates nearly with other Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office applications that you use every day helping you save time and work more efficiently across applications.

Tech Service Partner's hosted Share Point allows your business to access all of the incredible features and benefits without the capital expense required for server hardware, software licensing and maintenance to develop it in- house. Instead, you can access all of the power of Share Point for a simple monthly subscription and have it securely hosted in our UK ISO-27001 certified data centres and supported24/7!

Getting started on SharePoint with us is easy, just choose the plan that suits your business and subscribe. You can even try it first by requesting a free trial today.



Service Highlights

  • Hosted in UK ISO-27001 Datacentres
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  • Simplified User Experience
  • Enhanced Social Media Capability
  • Support for Mobile users

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