Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Tech Service Partner's Own Cloud is an easily to use solution for on-line file sharing for businesses. Now your business can sync data and share business documents and other content seamlessly across any desktop, Smartphone, and Tablet easily. With demand for on-line file sharing solutions for companies increasing, one of the most important factors in choosing the right Cloud Storage service for your business is the location of your data and where will it be stored.

For many companies across multiple industries, the site of where their data is stored is an essential consideration to help meet ever increasing compliance standards. Unlike many other traditional services which can be expensive, consumer focused, hosted outside the UK and had minimum user requirements, Tech Service Partners Own Cloud is cost efficient, built for businesses, has no minimum user requirements and is securely hosted in our UK based ISO-27001 certified Data Centres.

With Tech Service Partners Own Cloud you can set-up time-based expiry on content you share, recovery deleted files easily and even work on your files off-line, where this is no connectivity such as a train or plane. It will automatically sync across your other devices as soon as you reconnect to an Internet connection keeping everything up to date where ever you need to view or amend your documents.

Service Highlights

  • Share business files and sync on multiple devices
  • Restore anything you delete for 60 days
  • Share files/folders with anybody easily
  • Work locally offline, auto sync when connected
  • Mobile Apps for Windows, iPhone and Android
  • Locally hosted and supported in the UK

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