Cloud Back-up

Online Back-up - for YOUR business


Cloud backup, also known as an on-line backup, is a strategy for backing up your business data that involves sending a copy of your business data to an off-site server hosted by Tech Service Partners at our secure UK Data Centre. Implementing cloud data backup can help bolster your business data protection without increasing the expense of server hardware and the need for experienced technology staff like we have here at Tech Service Partner.

Tech Service Partner's On-line backup systems are built around our client software application that runs on a schedule determined by your business needs. For example, if you require daily backups, for instance, our application collects, compressed, encrypts and transfers data to our servers every 24 hours. To reduce the amount of bandwidth consumed and the time it takes to transfer files, we also only backup data which has changed since the last full backup after the initial full backup has taken place.

Our On-line backup is the modern method of ensuring that all your files folders are backed up in a secure UK based data centre. The purpose of our on-line backup solution is simple. Backing your vital records and folders up to Tech Service Partner's Data Centre prevents any data loss as a result of fire, theft or hard drive corruption. With today's significantly improved internet speeds on-line backup is becoming the most common way to protect your critical data.



Service Highlights

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  • UK-hosted and supported
  • Daily backup confirmations and alerts
  • Fully-automated business online backup
  • 256bit Encryption
  • Password protection

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