Business Phone Lines

Phone packages to suit your business

A high-quality telephone connection is essential for business productivity. Tech Service Partner offer you two fixed line technologies to cater for your businesses needs. Our Business Line Rental and also our Business Line Rental Plus are our business phone lines and calls services with per second billing, low daytime call rates and no call set-up or minimum call charges.

Our two business phone line rental services provides you with some of the lowest call rates available in the market today. If you would like to have inclusive minutes with your phone line, then we can offer you call packages like 5000 inclusive anytime minutes to 01, 02, 03, 0845 & 0870 numbers. Your phone calls are billed per second, and these are visible on our customer portal helping you to manage your service more efficiently.

You can also choose from our fantastic range of optional features to help you manage your services, such as 1571 Answer Phone, Call Waiting and Call Diversion and Call Barring. Whatever your requirements are Tech Service Partner will make it as simple as possible to seamlessly switch your existing services over to us without any hassle.


Service Highlights

  • Per second billing
  • Premium features
  • Low setup fee
  • Simplified, competitive call rates
  • Great service - UK based call centre
  • Convenience - Broadband, phone line and calls all from the same company

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